Products and Applications

Natural sausage casing supplier

Discover our natural sausage casings for sale. Produced from brown seaweed, with a special combination of hydrocolloids, proteins and/or fibres, Sonjal Casing® is perfect for making

  • fresh coarse-ground sausages for cooking,
  • smoked or cooked sausages,
  • dry sausages.

Through its various formulations, Sonjal Casing ® is made by a natural casing company and can be used in numerous applications including vegetarian products, fish, meat, cheese, sweet products, cosmetics coatings, and more.

Moreover, you can also buy edible sausage casings made by Sonjal Casing ® for making halal sausage casing and kosher food: our product fully complies with those two dietary requirements.

Sonjal, quality product developped by manufacturer Soreal, has tested its gels on all Handtmann, Marel, Vemag and Risco equipment currently on the market, and it was shown to be fully compatible.

natural sausage casing

Fresh or raw coarse-ground sausages

vegetarian dry sausage casing

Dry sausages

natural casing for smoked sausage

Smoked and cooked sausages (breakfast sausage)

organic sausage casing for fast food

Smooth textured sausages (hot dog, frankfurter)