So Slice, the leading sliced garnish for burgers!

Soreal > So Slice, the leading sliced garnish for burgers!

Burgers are a fast expanding market because today in France on average 1 burger is sold for every 2 sandwiches! Much more than just a sauce, SoSlice is a solution which comes to the rescue of catering professionals helping them to create delicious burgers whilst saving time.


With So Slice, you know you are using THE RIGHT AMOUNT with a SIMPLE AND EASY GESTURE, avoiding fatigue and the constraints of Squeezing.


So Slice: more than just a sauce, a complete garnish


Thanks to SoSlice, the sauce chosen is directly accompanied by its condiments and/or vegetables, harmoniously integrated into the balanced taste service.

SoSlice recipes can be customised for burger sauces which match your creativity!


Once it comes into contact with toasted bread and hot meat, So Slice melts immediately at the right temperature …

And your burger is ready for tasting!


So Slice, an innovation already crowned twice


SoSlice was awarded the grand prix for innovation at SIRHA 2015 and also the PACI (Preparation/Culinary Aid/Ingredient) Prize for food innovation at the Isogone Competition in December 2015