25 years of innovation

Soreal > 25 years of innovation

1992Gilles Bocabeille founds Soreal, which designs, produces and sells sauces and condiments for food professionals.

1998SOREAL opens its 700 m² sauce plant in Brie, near Janzé in Ille-et-Vilaine.

2002SOREAL takes a new direction with the creation of Sonjal, the unique and innovative patented plant-based casing.

2007SOREAL acquires Comptoir Provençal des Sauces (ILOU) and accelerates growth by merging the two organizations.

2009SOREAL enters into a partnership that gives it access to a 9000-m² production site in Alicante, Spain.

2010The SOREAL group invests heavily in its infrastructure at the Brie site: € 2 million to support business development. The production site is expanded to 5500 m².

2011Sonjal enters into a license agreement with Vista Packaging in the United States.

2012ILOU Algérie is formed.

2013Bahija is launched & SOREAL ILOU Maroc is formed.

2015Soreal in Brie is expanded to 9 000m² .

2016Soreal ME&NA is formed in Egypt.