Products and Applications

Vegetarian sausage casing supplier


Discover our vegan sausage casing for sale, a great alternative to natural sausage casing. Made out of wild brown seaweed.

Wild seaweed harvest takes place every 3-5 years in order to let the resource renew itself.


Sonjal Casing®: a specific selection of seaweed including high technological and quality properties

Sonjal Casing®: the result of an intensive R&D process always updated and always relevant

Sonjal Casing®: the outcome of a highly innovative and technical process too

Sonjal Casing®: a range of more than 20 formulas designed for any manufacturing process:  fresh, cooked sausages, smoked, dried, fermented sausages … and ceaseless innovation to meet new market trends and specific customers needs (for example matt, shiny, colored or flavored end products)


Sonjal Casing®, high quality edible casings developped by manufacturer Soreal, has tested its gels on all Handtmann, Marel, Vemag and Risco equipment currently on the market, and it is proved to be fully compatible.


Fresh or raw coarse-ground sausages Dry sausage
Smoked and coocked sausages (breakfast sausage)


Smooth textured sausages (hot dog, frankfurter)