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Research & development is By Soreal’s raison d’être. For us, innovation knows no limits: it covers new flavours, new textures, new ingredients, research into new organoleptic qualities and also new packaging.

Restaurant supplier, a true commitment

We strive to do everything we possibly can to deserve the trust you place in us by choosing us to be your restaurant supplier. This is also why ‘By Soreal’ sauces are the result of true collaboration with our fast food and classic catering partners. We work to provide our clients with bespoke, exclusive solutions, which reflect their image.

Over 300 original recipes created each year

Whether cold, hot or classic sauces (balsamic, pesto, tartar, barbecue, …), discover new exotic flavours (walnut and hazelnut oil, curry, teriyaki, spicy mayonnaise, caesar, soya, sweet and sour …), all of which have become strong consumer trends.

Without forgetting ‘‘nutritional’’ sauces which satisfy the consumer’s wish to eat a more balanced diet (vinaigrettes or light mayonnaises, natural yoghurt based sauce …).

Special attention to packaging: 4 g to 1 000 kilos

Sticks, cups, packets, mini-bottles, doy pack®, guns, tubs or combo … our dedicated teams provide ideal packaging according to the product and client’s needs without ever losing sight of the final consumer’s expectations.

In our standard offer, different volumes are available for all our packaging, particularly suited to both fast food and classic restaurants:

  • Sticks (3 – 20 ml)
  • Cups (10 – 55 ml)
  • Mini-bottles (20 ml)
  • Packets (10 – 5 0 ml)
  • Doy pack® (100 – 1 000 g)
  • Guns (950 g)
  • Tubs (1 – 10 kg)
  • Combo (1 000 litres)
  • Squeeze bottles (500 – 900 ml)
  • Top down bottles (300 ml)
  • Glass jars (40 ml)
  • Jars (300 ml)
  • Bags (1 – 3 kg)