Margot, Machine Driver


Margot, Machine Driver

I am a machine driver. I am currently on a machine that produces round cups. I make the sauce from A to Z, from making the recipe to packaging it. On this machine, we basically produce dressings, which are then packaged. I have a process sheet to follow and a manufacturing order.

We have been trained, as for packaging. The machine must be adjusted, according to the size of the cup: cup depth and other adjustments.

We are often in contact with the Quality Department, which validates the conformity of sauces production. For me, it is inconceivable to take out a cup, not in conformity. I have the attention to detail and what makes me proud is to produce a sauce that meets the customer’s expectations.

Beyond appreciating my job, I appreciate Soreal, which is a growing company and still has a lot to show. We have a lot of ideas, either strategically or operationally.

Together we can move forward and improve our processes!

The qualities necessary for his job :

  • Motivated
  • Conscientious
I appreciate Soreal, a growing company, which still has a lot to show.

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