A range of applications

Potential applications with Sonjal Casing® plant-based gel

Sonjal Casing® is a plant-based gel made from brown algae or seaweed, a special combination of hydrocolloides, proteins and fibers, and can be used to make : 
Saucisses fraîches gros grain à cuireRaw Sausage
Saucisses fumées ou cuitesSmoked Sausage
Saucisses sèchesDry Sausage
Saucisses pâte fineEmulsion-type Sausage
Saucisses veganVegan Sausage
Snacking Sausage

With its variety of formulations, the applications of Sonjal Casing® can be extended to vegetable products, fish, meat, cheese, sweet products and cosmetic casings.  What’s more, using Sonjal Casing® plant-based casing is fully compliant with Kosher and Muslim dietary requirements. Sonjal has demonstrated that our gels are perfectly compatible with all existing equipment available on the market: Handtmann, Marel, Vemag or Risco. 

Where can you find us ? 

SONJAL CASING® is active across Eurasia (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Russia). Furthermore, via our licensed partner Visko Teepak (Chicago), SONJAL CASING® is also represented in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico). 

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Alain Tanguy

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