All our sauces are ready for use by professionals.

Sauces classiques

The Classic Ilou sauces

To satisfy all tastes, discover the most widely-used sauces in the world of catering, with all of Soreal’s savoir-faire brought to the Ilou brand. 
Diners these days know there’s a lot more to life than ketchup and mayonnaise, which is why Ilou offers a wide range of French-made sauces, such as Black Pepper sauce, Caesar Salad sauce, Classic Burger sauce and many others, some of which are available in organic and egg-free recipes (100% vegan). 


The Classic Ilou Sauces

Ilou sauces of the world

Each sauce comes with its own cultural origins to accompany typical dishes from all over the world. Ilo combines the world’s best spices with exotic ingredients to offer ready-to-use sauces from regional cuisines, like the Middle East with Algerian Sauce, Oriental Sauce, or Curry, not forgetting America with XL Burger and Thousand Island sauce, as well as Asia with the famous Soy, Teriyaki and Sweet & Sour sauces. All these sauces are deliciously seasoned to inspire catering professionals and bring out their best, taking their diners on a culinary journey. 

The World's Sauces
Sauces du monde
Sauces signatures

Ilou signature sauces

At the heart of each sauce recipe is the demand for high standards and originality, which is expressed in the creation of our Signature range. Ilou stands out by marrying textures, flavors and unusual ingredients to create unique ready-to-use sauces for professionals, such as our Citrus sauce, Yogurt and Dill sauce, Honey Mustard sauce, and a host of other Ilou Signature sauces for you to explore.    

Signatures Sauces

Ilou cooked sauces and cheese sauces

Ilou sauces are finely-crafted and top-of-the-range, providing real culinary assistance to catering professionals with this range of culinary and cheese-based sauces. Ilou cheese sauces are mainly made from cheese and other distinctive ingredients. The sauces are free from preservatives and are sold exclusively as chilled goods. 

Cooked and cheese Sauces
Sauces du monde
Sauces Soslice

Soslice sliced sauce

More than just a sauce ! The sauce dissolves in 20 seconds upon contact with the value, for a surprising result. An innovation with multiple advantages that will guarantee a controlled dosage for various applications, with an eco-responsible approach (zero loss and less packaging).

Soslice Sauces
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