Continuous innovation and Patents

Innovation has always been our core value.

World cuisines and dietary diversity are the key drivers of innovation, but food safety, organoleptic and nutritional qualities and, of course, sustainable development in production processes are the fundamental orientations of our research.

Sauces classiques

Innovation in production tools

Here at SOREAL, we develop our production equipment so that it can be adapted to meet our customers’ needs, and not the other way round. The Brie site features 4 production lines and 16 different packaging lines. The Sonjal vegetarian casing has its own special dedicated line. One of SOREAL’s strengths is its powerful infrastructure, capable of managing traceability and lean production. We are also agile in terms of managing resources and adapting to new demands.

Service innovation

Today, our service innovations focus on the lab and the kitchen along with our clients’ R&D departments, cutting down on intermediary steps and offering a direct sensory analysis. Since our creation, we have seen the relationship with our customers as a true partnership and we have built our philosophy around the concept of co-creation.


Packaging innovation

Packaging is another important area of creativity for us, playing with a wide range of formats, materials or uses. A few examples of our groundbreaking ideas : square pots for dipping, mini bottles for salad dressing. We are constantly working to create packaging that is more and more innovative and practical for users, and primarily with a lower environmental impact.  


Product innovation

This is ongoing and punctuates our company history. Some key examples : 

  • Sliceable sauces: in 1993, SOREAL was the first manufacturer to offer this product, which means the sauce can be portioned out as required: 1 slice = 1 serving.
  • The light yogurt or cream cheese sauce for sandwiches, replacing mayonnaise, in 2004-2005. The amount of fat content went from 70 to 20-25%.
  • Low-fat mayonnaise introduced by SOREAL from 2007.
  • The 0% fat cream cheese-based sauce in 2010, with a texture that is identical to a high-fat product.
  • Multi-phase products with single-phase packaging.
  • Fat-free sauces using a new patented process.
  • 3 innovative recipes/flavors: Texas grill, Barbecue Chipotle, Toreador.
  • A range of cooked sauces: pepper, shallot; Roquefort and Bearnaise.
  • A range of egg-free (100% Vegan) sauces, a prize winner at the 2018 Snacking d’Or. 


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Current news

28 sept. 2021

Soreal lance le premier stick de sauce en papier recyclable

Fini le stick plastique pour la sauce piquante ou la sauce salade ! Aujourd'hui, nous lancons une innovation de rupture sur le marché des emballages de sauce en restauration rapide : un stick de sauce recyclable dans la filière papier-carton.


03 août 2021

Soreal présent au salon du SIRHA à Lyon

Nos équipes seront présentes sur le salon du Sirah du 23 au 27 Septembre. Venez rencontrer nos équipes et nos innovations.


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