Solid sauce

Historically solid !

Soreal is also innovating with new textures. When the company was founded, Soreal’s original business was converting (predominantly vegetable-based) liquid ingredients into solid products. Our solid sauce is called Soslice, and was created based on a technology that is unique in France and patented by Soreal in 2014. Soslice sauce melts in 20 seconds upon contact with the value, for a surprising result. 





A customized sliced filling 


Solid sauce by Soreal is a fresh dose of solid sauce than melts in 20 seconds on the support on which Soslice is placed.  As with sauces, we can create custom sliced toppings at the various recipes, with ingredients, markings (vegetables, condiments) of your choice.

The award-winning innov

  • Exact defined portion
  • Customized recipes
  • Until 60% of vegetables pieces (such as mushrooms, pickles, etc.)
  • Zero loss
  • Homogeneous distribution
  • Less packaging

With Soslice, creativity has no limit !

The solid sauce can be used in many different ways, such as in ready meals or in fillings for ravioli / pasta, patties, burgers, Cordon-Bleu type cooked meats and many more. 


Soslice's range of sauces


We have created a range of solid sauces, called Soslice. This range offers 3 recipes of sliced sauces : pepper, burger, spicy salsa.

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