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“Inventing the markets of the future to improve the eating experience”

It could be said that meeting this challenge is our raison d’être. As food industry professionals, we understand the strong demand for healthy food. We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to managing resources and taking into account cultural diversity, the globalization of tastes and the increasing need for brand differentiation.

Because we have a passion for innovation and because research and food safety have always been our driving force, we find these new challenges stimulating.

In our laboratory and our plants, we work every day to create new food preferences for the agri-food industry: manufacturers, distributors and restaurateurs who place their trust in us.

We provide smart food solutions, that is to say, new, convenient, healthy, portable solutions that bring added pleasure, including our Ilou sauces, our custom offering By Soreal and Sonjal, our pioneering brand for plant-based casings.

With a strong international outlook, we put all our innovative expertise to work for our customers and partners.

Gilles Bocabeille