A unique process

Our priority is to anticipate new modes of consumption. 

In order to satisfy current standards in food safety and manufacturing, access to sustainable raw materials and cost optimization, we have been committed to the development of an innovative coextrusion process for a 100% plant-based casing since the 2000s. This casing can be used for various food products, such as sausages. 

Sonjal Casing® also acts as a source of innovation for new applications, such as vegetarian sausages. 

Sonjal Casing® on plant-based coextrusion systems: a new and unique process


When you use Sonjal Casing®, with a coextrusion line, we guarantee you :  

  • Continual processing
  • A perfect substitute for traditional casings
  • Environmentally friendly approach
  • Maximum Food safety
  • Healthy, quality product (adherence)
  • Custom formulation

Sonjal Casing® is guaranteed non-allergen, and gluten-free.

Sonjal Casing®is compatible with systems already available on the market, such as :  

Vemag with la CC215, Handtmann with ConPro and ConProLink, Marel with the Co ex skin and risco with the RS 191.

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A range of applications 

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