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At SOREAL, innovation is a core value when it comes to products, packaging, tools and production techniques, as well as services. That’s what we mean by SOREAL Smart Food Solutions.

At the origin: rheology

Rheology? What’s that?
Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in the liquid state, in response to certain constraints. When it comes to sauces, the constraints can be mechanical (shear), thermal (freezing, sterilization, pasteurization), taste-related or in terms of shelf life.
Based on rheological studies, SOREAL has been able to adapt the production processes and demonstrate a high level of expertise in terms of texture.

TrendwatchVeille tendance

Because anticipating new consumer behaviours is the foundation of our innovation strategy, our teams
are naturally curious and constantly on the lookout for new trends worldwide.


Supply chain management


With annual evaluations and approval of our vendors and raw materials as well as
our geo-localized sourcing techniques, we are careful to use only non-GMO and 
non-irradiated materials.



Production equipment

outil-industrielThe Brie site features 4 production lines and 10 different packaging lines. The Sonjal
vegetarian casing has its own special line.

One of SOREAL’s strengths is its powerful infrastructure, capable of managing traceability and lean production.

We are also agile in terms of managing resources and adapting to new demands.