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Hear, see, smell, taste …

Our range of traditional sauces and condiments for fast food restaurants is based on the SOREAL Group’s research & development dynamics. The brand is therefore able to satisfy the expectations of fast food restaurants, by combining creativity and practicality.

‘‘ILOU aims to be seen as the preferred brand for fast food restaurants with both professionals and consumers … ‘’, explains Jean-Jacques Gonzalez, sales manager.


Recipes from here and there to vary the tastes!

As restoring supplier, Ilou is interested in all the recipes and all the flavors regarding sauce to propose at the same time the great classics of our culinary heritage but also the flavors of the world. Sauces Ilou have all their place to accompany the recipes of the local cooking and moreover!


Multiplicity and practicality of the packagings

Mignonettes, sticks, sachets, small dishes find all their place at table. When squeeze, buckets or jericans are going to meet the expectations of the chef.

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