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Quality: everyone’s business

From the design of our sauces to delivery, not to forget the selection of ingredients, quality is subject to painstaking daily work by all SOREAL teams.

Evaluations concern health aspects, practicality of containers, preserving organoleptic qualities and of course compliance with client satisfaction criteria. All of these stimulate both continuous improvement and creativity!

Food safety

Every day millions of consumers taste a sauce made in one of our factories.

This commits us with regard to both our clients and consumers.

Our high level of IFS (International Food Standard) certification is both demonstration and proof: every day we endeavour to provide our clients good, healthy products which please their taste buds. We have an in-house laboratory which every day analyses our creations and adapts to the increasing demands of clients. The quality department, with 5 members, manages health quality and client satisfaction quality control actions on a daily basis.

Consult our certificate : CERTIFICATE IFS 2018

Sustainable development


Since we respect people, we also respect the planet and have for a long time been implementing work rules aimed at limiting the deterioration of our environment and encouraging recycling and energy savings.

An industrial waste water treatment plant by irrigation was installed to fertilise crops on neighbouring farms.

In order to limit discharges, we collect first rinse water at the source before giving it to a farmer who uses it as a cattle feed supplement.

The prewash water temperature is obtained by recovering heat from sauce cooling operations.

Finally, our packaging (cardboard; plastic) is sorted according to a specific procedure and unsold products are used for methanisation.

Respecting people

It’s a fundamental value of SOREAL Group, coming from our daily in-house commitment to encourage social cohesion and diversity. Our will is to maintain and to promote a strong corporate culture based on performance and conviviality.

SOREAL puts humans, their expertise and skills at the heart of its values. Respect, equality and social harmony remain our guiding words internally as well as towards our partners and suppliers, our clients and consumers.

Respect for animal welfare

Soreal Ilou is committed to animal welfare. An approach of progressive rejection of eggs and egg products from battery-cages has been initiated.
Soreal Ilou will make the transition and will use only eggs from cage-free farms by 2025 for all of its brands and products.
Did you know ? 95% of the ingredients that make up Soreal products are vegetable.