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Innovation has always been our core value. World cuisines and dietary diversity are the key drivers of innovation, but food safety, organoleptic and nutritional qualities and, of course, sustainable development in production processes are the fundamental orientations of our research.


Ongoing Research

The Laboratory

Working directly with our customers’ R&D departments, our research teams carry out some 350 projects per year in our laboratory.


When it comes to sourcing flavourings, raw materials and vendors, as well as product design and product testing by an in-house panel, testing is extremely important throughout the process. Moreover, our formulation tests give rise to 200 validations per year.


Product Innovation

innovation_produitInnovation has been a constant throughout our history. Some prominent examples:

  • Sliceable sauces: In 1993, SOREAL was the first manufacturer to offer this product which allows for single portions as needed: 1 slice = 1 portion.
  • sauce-tranchableYoghurt sauce or low fat fromage blanc sauce to replace mayonnaise in sandwiches in 2004-2005. This decreases the fat content from 70 to 20-25%.
  • Low-fat mayonnaise sauce which SOREAL pioneered in 2007.
  • Sauce made with non-fat fromage blanc in 2010 with a texture identical to a full-fat product. 
  • Multiphase products with packaging in a single phase. 
  • Fat-free sauce, made according to an innovative patented process.
  • 3 innovative recipes/flavours: texas grill, Chipotle BBQ, toreador.
  • A range of cooked sauces: pepper, shallots, Roquefort & béarnaise.
  • Etc.


Packaging Innovation

Another area where our creativity shines is packaging, featuring a wide variety of formats, materials and uses. Some examples of our great ideas:

  • Square cups for dipping
Sauce-Aigre-douce-25-ml Sauce-Soja-25-ml
Sauce-Teriyaki-25-ml Sauce-Teriyaki-spicy-sucree-25-ml


Service Innovation

innovation_serviceService innovation is concentrated in the lab and the kitchen, where we work with our customers’ R&D departments, eliminating the middlemen and offering direct sensory analysis.


Production equipment innovation

At SOREAL, we upgrade our industrial equipment to adapt to the demands of our customers and not vice versa.