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    Low Fat Vinaigrette

    54% lighter than a standard vinaigrette, this recipe has all the flavour of a delicious vinaigrette, with far fewer calories.

  • cli_recettes

    Thai Sauce

    This sweet soy sauce and sesame oil sauce can be enjoyed hot or cold. It brightens up any dish with its flecks of red pepper.

  • cli_recettes

    Soy Sauce

    Breathe new life into your dishes (sushis, soups, pasta, salads, etc.) with this brown Chinese soy-based sauce..

  • cli_recettes

    Honey Mustard Sauce

    The perfect balance of mustard and honey. This sauce is an ideal accompaniment for hotdogs.

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    La Sauce Burger sans oeufs, lauréate des Snacking d'Or 2019

    C'est avec fierté que les équipes R&D sont montées sur le podium ce 1er avril 2019 pour décrocher le trophée des Snacking d'or dans la sous-catégorie Sauces.

  • cli_recettes

    Classic Burger Sauce

    This fast-food classic will delight you with its notes of gherkin, onion and dill.

  • cli_recettes

    Espelette Pepper Sauce

    This mayonnaise-based sauce is lightly seasoned with Espelette pepper, which is part of the family of hot peppers with progressive heat. This sauce is perfect for grilled meats and sandwiches.

  • cli_recettes

    Algerian Sauce

    An emulsified tomato sauce that’s both sweet and spicy with the flavour of spiced onions. A key player in the world sauces market.

  • cli_recettes

    Pepper Sauce

    An emulsified mayonnaise-based sauce with the added intensity of ground Mignonette pepper. The perfect pairing for meats.

  • cli_recettes

    XL Burger Sauce

    A real Ilou signature tomato sauce with the great taste of gherkins and onions.

  • cli_recettes

    American Mustard

    A sweet, mild mustard that’s typical with American hotdogs.

  • cli_recettes

    Chilli Oil

    Chilli oil especially for pizza.

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    Solid sauce

    Solid sauce Historically solid ! Soreal is also innovating with new textures. When the company was founded, Soreal’s original business was converting (predominantly vegetable-based)...

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