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Anticipating new consumer trends

Sonjal Casing® provides vegetarian sausage casing or vegetarian sausage skins for your food and especially sausage making. Our focus is to better meet today’s requirements in terms of food safety, access to raw materials and optimization of manufacturing costs.

We began developing this alternative to collagen casings in 2000. Our innovative coextrusion process brings a 100% plant-based quality vegetarian casing that can be used in various food sectors such as sausage production, halal sausage casing, kosher food. We also aim to help customers looking for organic sausage casing, alginate sausage casing instead of natural sausage casings. Our edible sausage casing is also flexible, easily digested and easy to stuff.

Sonjal Casing® is also the source of innovation for different product applications (vegetarian hot dog casing, vegetable sausage casing, fish or cheese products).

Soreal works hand in hand with Food Industry and Food Equipment Manufacturers. Sonjal Casing® continues to develop innovative solutions suitable to any technological equipment and designed for each customer needs.

Sonjal Casing® on alginate sausage casing coextrusion equipment: a new and unique process

Using Sonjal Casing®, our new and unique coextrusion processes guarantee

  • savings of consumables (constant size and calibration, very low waste rate)
  • maximum food safety (optimal conservation thanks to storage conditions)
  • limited product handling,
  • extremely easy to use (High production rates, continuous production to ensure constant throughput)
  • Excellent organoleptic and taste qualities,
  • product customization (involving colour and taste).

Sonjal Casing® is compatible with the leading equipment on the market, that will fill and make the portioning, including:

  • Vemag with the CC 215 attachment.
  • Handtmann with ConPro and ConProLink systems
  • Marel with the Coex Skin machine,
  • Risco with the RS 191 gel system,

Also, Sonjal Casing® is compatible with hanging process, twisted or not, or portioning process.

Sonjal Casing® on the alginate sausage casing coextrusion process