Large, custom-made sauce packaging

The large sauce packaging are ideal for caterers and large quantities. Each container has its use! 


Discover in exclusivity at Soreal new bottle 100% recyclable with 75% less plastic than most market rigids packaging. Very compressible, it reduces almost totally losses of sauce. This bottle is a good sustainable answer for professional.
Capacity : 600 ml






Top-down is an ideal format to have on the table with its practical leak-proof cap. 
Capacity : 300 ml


Squeezy bottles

Squeezy bottle is an ideal format in the kitchen. Its pointed nozzle makes it easy to control the amount used. 
Capacity : 500 or 900 ml






1 L doypack® is an ideal medium sized format for caterers. Often used in kitchens or as a refill for reusable bottles such as Fifo. 
Capacity : 1 L


Pouches, for catering and large quantities. This is currently the preferred format for those wishing to reduce their impact in terms of waste. The pouch can be emptied in order to reheat the sauce (to accompany meat dishes for example) or to be used cold in sandwiches. 
Capacity : from 0.5 to 6 L





To make life easier in the kitchen, the pail remains a frequently used and practical format. 

Capacity : from 1 to 10 L


Jerry cans for fast food and large quantities. 
Capacity : 5L




Need more information on the size and capacity of various packaging items ? 

Download the data sheet for large packaging

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Individul portions

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