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    Soreal finalizes a partnership with Pita Pit.

    Source : Agence API - Published on 01 avril 2019

    “Pita Pit is going to include two vegan sauces for its sandwich preparation, a burger sauce and a garlic sauce made without eggs.”


    Sonjal is a specialist in vegetable-based packaging

    Source : Les marchés - Published on 17 mai 2019

    “The Breton Soreal subsidiary is a pioneer in seaweed-based packaging for sauces, and it has been promoting its expert knowledge at the international meat-industry trade fair in Frankfurt last week.”

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    These sauces marry tradition and innovation

    Source : Néo Restauration - Published on 02 mai 2019

    “We were firmly established in table sauces, but we are now moving into cooking sauces. In a nutshell, the giant tubs of mayonnaise are coming to an end so that we can focus on cooked sauces in pouches! " Sophie Kowalski-Collet - Head of Marketing and Communication 

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Sophie Kowalski-Collet

Sophie Kowalski-Collet
Responsable Marketing et Communication
+33 (0)2 99 47 21 21

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